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I've always believed those who say that for every guy, there are at least 3 ladies. I believed them till I looked up global statistics and discovered that males actually outnumber females up till around age 55! So where have all the men gone? This post isn't about love or relationships so don't start doing the math. Lol.
There seems to be a lot of young males but a deficit in the number of "real men". These days, many children are rushed into adulthood (by circumstances and/or parents) and seem to have missed out on a part of childhood. This sometimes reflect later when they are adults in age but children in their thoughts or actions. All-round maturity seems to be rare in our days. What happened to all the " men"? What happened at the "real women factory", who can tell?
Burning the midnight candle
Turning the door handle
I'm opening the gates
And I don't even know the rates
Flooded! Exposed! Su…