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Of this and that,
A cat and a rat.
What to make of it, I cannot tell;
To tell of it, the cat I must bell.
What shall I do?
To make you see it's true.

I once walked alone
Along paths unknown.
Caught a tree swaying
To a tune I was humming...
This serenity had better last.
Something whistled past:
A bat and a dart
Truly, life is of this and that.

I was sipping my apple cider
This time I had no cigar
Caressing the hollow of my mouth.
All my plans could go south
If this and that
Break my heart.

Life is of this and that:
Sometimes, you hold the bat
Other times, you catch the ball...
A little more and that will be all.
Choose to take all in stride
And in the end, you'll glow with pride.

©Nikoslexie 2017


Her cry of anguish pierced through the silence as she made her way into the Emergency Room. In her arms, she carried the limp body of a little girl -her only child! As she rushed in, the battle to save her baby's life began; one that had already been lost even before she stepped in as the girl was paper white with little respiratory effort. Moments later, her fears were confirmed. Her only child had died! Another cry of anguish let out; another life ended.
He sat looking at his phone; waiting for a call to come in. He had written so many exams yet he still had not been offered a slot in the program. He was getting frustrated. Surely, life couldn't be totally unfair. Just as he was dozing off, the shrill sound of his phone woke him. It was the call he'd been expecting.; he'd been offered admission. Great was his happiness... Another chance given!
Two unrelated stories. Two emotional extremes featuring on the same page... Wait a second! Isn't that rea…