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It's a beautiful Friday night; complete with a few minutes of rain @ my end. Here's something for the weekend:
I thought you were there
So I called till my voice went hoarse.
I thought you were there
So I spoke till I had no more secrets.
I thought you were there
So I gave the brightest smile ever
And wore my best dress ever
But you were not;
You were gone –
Long gone to a land I could not tell.

You just stood there,
Eyes cold and shoulders squared.
Alas! You were long gone!
I didn’t know this stranger,
The one who was deaf to my call
And bore no affection for me.
I thought you were there
But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

©Nikoslexie 2016


Why is it so easy for us to see the fault in others but not in ourselves? Could it be that a strand of self righteousness was secretly woven into the human DNA at conception? We rant about the bad others have done while  we are guilty of the same -and sometimes even more. When shall we trade our unseeing eyes for better ones?
I know I have a beautiful mind
He tells me so

I wish you could see it.
That’s how much I believe him;
We are so closely knit.

Don’t always believe men;
Perfected in treachery they are.
What shall I do then?

I know I have a beautiful mind
But only because he tells me so

How could I be so blind?
I must be truly ugly in there

I see she has a dirty mind
And I must cry “foul!”
How can she be so unkind?

I strain at a gnat
But swallow a camel
Surely, I am no better than a ‘noon bat’

Till I truly have a beautiful mind
I should not label her a foe.

©Nikoslexie 2017


Just as earlier promised, below is the complementary poem to my last post. Enjoy!

How could I be so civil
When all I feel is evil?
Yes, evil and hate
Is all I feel for Nate!

How could he be so murderous
And annoyingly superstitious?
Yet he looked at me innocently
While I waited patiently…

Surely, there’d be a sweet moment
To take revenge and give torment.
He deserved that and much more
For killing the child I never saw

What better way to avenge her death
Than sending him back to Mother Earth
While he eats his favorite meal
And fears no ill…

Judge me if you want
Revenge is all I want.
You and I are no different
For all we seek is a vent

A vent for all the anger
We have stored in our hangar.
My revenge shall be sweet
As hell will freeze in its pit.

©Nikoslexie 2016


Two sisters quietly played some distance away from where I sat enjoying the evening breeze. I was soaking in the beautiful atmosphere while I glanced in the sisters' direction just in time to witness a "mini-drama". Trust me not to carry last in such matters 😊😀 The older sister had mistakenly thrown her doll some metres away from where they played but instead of her going to get it herself, she ordered the younger one to get it for her. Of course, her sister refused and told her to get it herself. This didn't go down well with the older girl who twisted her ear, seized her doll and shouted at her to retrieve the doll. The younger sister obeyed albeit in tears and brought back the doll to the older one who didn't even appreciate the gesture.

See ehn, in my mind, I was already unconsciously advising the younger one not to talk or play with her sister for like a day so she could feel the impact of what she had done. After all, she was the one who threw the doll a…


What exactly is "Universal Wi-Fi" ? In simple terms, it's that potable device that one buys data subscription on, people connect to and they can browse at the same time. Well, sorry to disappoint you but that's not what this write up is about 😁😀. Up until some days ago, I had never heard of the phrase "Universal Wi-Fi" being used in a particular context but the phrase jumped out at me from an interesting debate some of my colleagues were having on the said day.( Not to worry, this isn't a continuation of that debate. 😀)
Universal Wi-Fi... Hmmm.. Is it possible that there is something that is present all over the world? Is/are there something(s) common to us as living humans round the world that we "connect" to from time to time to carry out some "tasks"? I think there are though I would only be talking about one of them today.
My Universal Wi-Fi for today is BELIEF. Yeah, you read right - Belief! Every living human (excluding tho…