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"Here I am staring down the barrel of a gun. My heart is racing. Am I scared? No! I am super excited."

Wow! I almost can't believe i have been away for three months. I wish I could write about all my experiences while i was away but... Let's just say for most of the time, I was sitting on the ground, crying about the new boy in the area that stole my pen while I conveniently forgot I could easily get another one. All I had to do (first) was STAND UP... And "Stand up" I did and that's why you are reading this.
This post is actually a little weird because it's a mixture of different thoughts combined in one post. I hope you don't get lost in the flow. Lol.
My back ached as I made the journey uphill in the desert bearing such heavy burden. Every time I thought it was the "last straw", a storm came and blew part of my burden away giving me momentary relief. No! Life wasn't done with me yet and I obviously …