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Does it look like the world has given up on you? Could it be that way because you gave up on "You" first? If there's no one left to believe in you, you may need to  WAKE UP, GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER AND MAKE YOUR EXISTENCE COUNT... for something greater than you!

It was a lonely night
All my friends gone like a kite
Flying to a higher height.
I was left behind -without even a fight.

The chronicles had been written
Of a time I'd be smitten
By the very things I should have eaten.
Alas! I had been beaten
While I sat knitting. 

It's all a phase; 
It'll fade like a haze.
This is my base; 
I can't be lost in the maze. 

I am made of more; 
Made for more.
The world will stand in awe
As I wage war
Against all that negates "more"

I am made of more
And was made for more! 
©Nikoslexie 2017