When we read about a doctor or teacher sexually abusing a patient or student, people tend to say all sorts. Some even go as far as sharing false personal experiences just to drive home the point or gain cheap popularity. We call the perpetrators names like “beasts” and maybe rightfully so. We can’t seem to imagine how one who was meant to be a professional or guardian could do such a horrible thing. Families and loved ones of the victims are the worst hit even if they had severed ties with the victim or played a role somehow. In that singular moment of grief, it all doesn’t matter. What matters is that an evil act has been committed and it must be punished.
What about fathers who constantly molest daughters or aunts who do the same to innocent nephews? These are all “Guardians” turned “Beasts”; people saddled with the responsibility of nurturing someone but who have chosen to destroy instead. Let’s not forget that all these people are first humans with blood flowing through their vein…


I've always believed those who say that for every guy, there are at least 3 ladies. I believed them till I looked up global statistics and discovered that males actually outnumber females up till around age 55! So where have all the men gone? This post isn't about love or relationships so don't start doing the math. Lol.
There seems to be a lot of young males but a deficit in the number of "real men". These days, many children are rushed into adulthood (by circumstances and/or parents) and seem to have missed out on a part of childhood. This sometimes reflect later when they are adults in age but children in their thoughts or actions. All-round maturity seems to be rare in our days. What happened to all the " men"? What happened at the "real women factory", who can tell?
Burning the midnight candle
Turning the door handle
I'm opening the gates
And I don't even know the rates
Flooded! Exposed! Su…


Hello friend.
I slept yesterday and woke up in a totally new world... Today! The 25th day of the first month of a new year. What has happened in the last 24 days, I cannot tell. Suffice to say I have been in transit. Call it a trance if you will. LOL.
The new year started weeks ago but here I am just putting up my first post. I apologize for that. Let's just say that the year started but only a part of me started with it. The whistle was blown for the race to start but I stood transfixed, only participating in my mind and crossing the finish line in my head until now. Well, in case you are like me, permit me to announce to you that 2018 has started. "Better late than never", they say. It's not too late to get moving and following through with your outlined plans. Be intentional this year and watch doors open of their own accord.
Cheers to a fabulous year. Thanks for always stopping by.

Yours truly,

© Nikoslexie2018


"Hope is a dangerous thing..."
I know it's a bit weird to see hope described with such a "negative" word but I hope you see what it means by  the time you read through.
Like the aroma of "party jollof-rice" after a long day or the taste of a cold drink on a hot day so is the sound of Hope's footsteps outside a closed door. Simply rejuvenating!
Hope is indeed a dangerous thing as it causes a man to leap across heavily fortified walls without considering his present restraints. Yes! It is hope that makes a child of the street wear a gold crown and ignore the melody made by his empty stomach.
Hope defies the odds. Hope says "Fly with your dreams" when you haven't even learnt to walk. Hope can grow from just a silver lining to a huge ball of fire engulfing all in its path.
The question is: Will you fan the dying embers of hope in your heart even as a new calendar year approaches? Dare to hope; a better tomorrow beckons still.



"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot" - Michael Altshuler
I've read the above quote so many times but didn't give it so much thought till recently. So many times, life races by and it feels as if we're struggling to catch up with our lives. Too many places to go, too many deadlines to meet and too many activities to participate in. Sometimes, I sit back and ask myself what significant thing happened in the last 24 hours. There are days I can point to some important things while there are just some days I am left wondering!
I have realized that as long as we are living (and hardworking of course), there will always be a thousand and one things to do. The onus is on us to take a break. When everything is happening so fast and seemingly getting out of control, my advice is that you Pause and Think. Take a moment to breathe before rushing on to the next chore and you can thank me later. *winks*
You are the pilot of your life. Time will a…


Does it look like the world has given up on you? Could it be that way because you gave up on "You" first? If there's no one left to believe in you, you may need to  WAKE UP, GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER AND MAKE YOUR EXISTENCE COUNT... for something greater than you!

It was a lonely night
All my friends gone like a kite
Flying to a higher height.
I was left behind -without even a fight.

The chronicles had been written
Of a time I'd be smitten
By the very things I should have eaten.
Alas! I had been beaten
While I sat knitting. 

It's all a phase; 
It'll fade like a haze.
This is my base; 
I can't be lost in the maze. 

I am made of more; 
Made for more.
The world will stand in awe
As I wage war
Against all that negates "more"

I am made of more
And was made for more! 
©Nikoslexie 2017


Over the years, I have realized that as humans, we find it easy to associate some colours with certain things. This association is sometimes unjustified but we don't really mind when it suits us. For instance, "red" has been associated with danger; "black" with Death or Evil and so on. I don't think I have actually come across the colour associated with Sin. The reason for this I don't know. I am happy to tell you that I discovered the colour of sin recently. Permit me to share this poem with you. I hope you find the answer somewhere in between 😁

A hidden orchestra
Golden embers of a dying fire,
The aura of saints
The bane of humanity:

I've been busy
For a reason
Working if only for a season
To seek that which is hidden.

"Fire is red, "
They said.
"Forever is green, "
They grinned.
"Sin is what?"
I thought.

Come dine with me!
I have found the answers I seek.
Sin is what it is:
An immortal chameleon -