Does it look like the world has given up on you? Could it be that way because you gave up on "You" first? If there's no one left to believe in you, you may need to  WAKE UP, GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER AND MAKE YOUR EXISTENCE COUNT... for something greater than you!

It was a lonely night
All my friends gone like a kite
Flying to a higher height.
I was left behind -without even a fight.

The chronicles had been written
Of a time I'd be smitten
By the very things I should have eaten.
Alas! I had been beaten
While I sat knitting. 

It's all a phase; 
It'll fade like a haze.
This is my base; 
I can't be lost in the maze. 

I am made of more; 
Made for more.
The world will stand in awe
As I wage war
Against all that negates "more"

I am made of more
And was made for more! 
©Nikoslexie 2017


Over the years, I have realized that as humans, we find it easy to associate some colours with certain things. This association is sometimes unjustified but we don't really mind when it suits us. For instance, "red" has been associated with danger; "black" with Death or Evil and so on. I don't think I have actually come across the colour associated with Sin. The reason for this I don't know. I am happy to tell you that I discovered the colour of sin recently. Permit me to share this poem with you. I hope you find the answer somewhere in between 😁

A hidden orchestra
Golden embers of a dying fire,
The aura of saints
The bane of humanity:

I've been busy
For a reason
Working if only for a season
To seek that which is hidden.

"Fire is red, "
They said.
"Forever is green, "
They grinned.
"Sin is what?"
I thought.

Come dine with me!
I have found the answers I seek.
Sin is what it is:
An immortal chameleon -


He was a driver. I was not just any passenger - I was an observant one...
I happened to sit in the front seat of a public bus one day and something soon caught my eye. There was something about the way the driver changed gears; he seemed to do it with a lot of swag. After watching for a while, I was amazed to realize that the driver had a weakness of some sort in his left leg and so he had found a way of skillfully using his left hand to apply pressure on his leg just to press the clutch. He had perfected this act so much so that it was "beautiful".
There are days I am tempted to mope around and feel sorry for myself. There are days when all that seems to be is one disappointment after another and the pain is just overwhelming. There are days I lack the courage to even get out of bed and face my fears... However, to lie there and do nothing is the biggest mistake ever. We have to find some beauty in our pain, some ability in our disability and make the most of what we have.


Curtains drawn;
Darkness dawns.
I hung it to dry -
My pen
Yet it flowed freely -
The ink.

The sages have sung
Our fathers: never wrong
To speak of thereafter.
It will definitely flutter -
My heart -
At the thought of tomorrow.

Inquire no more from me
I emptied it already -
 My soul
Yet full it stayed
Devoid of any happiness.

It flooded my soul -
Consuming every inch.
I hung it to dry -
My pen
Yet it flowed freely -
The ink.

Hush! It is set:
There's a now and a thereafter
Take a sneak peek
It's an epilogue:
No! Not the end.

It filled the air -
A melody.
It engulfed my nostrils -
A fragrance.
A fire in my bones
None can see
For night abides still...

Hush! It is set.
Take a sneak peek
It's an epilogue
No, not the end!

© Nikoslexie 2017


Of this and that,
A cat and a rat.
What to make of it, I cannot tell;
To tell of it, the cat I must bell.
What shall I do?
To make you see it's true.

I once walked alone
Along paths unknown.
Caught a tree swaying
To a tune I was humming...
This serenity had better last.
Something whistled past:
A bat and a dart
Truly, life is of this and that.

I was sipping my apple cider
This time I had no cigar
Caressing the hollow of my mouth.
All my plans could go south
If this and that
Break my heart.

Life is of this and that:
Sometimes, you hold the bat
Other times, you catch the ball...
A little more and that will be all.
Choose to take all in stride
And in the end, you'll glow with pride.

©Nikoslexie 2017


Her cry of anguish pierced through the silence as she made her way into the Emergency Room. In her arms, she carried the limp body of a little girl -her only child! As she rushed in, the battle to save her baby's life began; one that had already been lost even before she stepped in as the girl was paper white with little respiratory effort. Moments later, her fears were confirmed. Her only child had died! Another cry of anguish let out; another life ended.
He sat looking at his phone; waiting for a call to come in. He had written so many exams yet he still had not been offered a slot in the program. He was getting frustrated. Surely, life couldn't be totally unfair. Just as he was dozing off, the shrill sound of his phone woke him. It was the call he'd been expecting.; he'd been offered admission. Great was his happiness... Another chance given!
Two unrelated stories. Two emotional extremes featuring on the same page... Wait a second! Isn't that rea…


The above was the notice hung in every corner of Shane and Darry's least in their minds. I wish the search were for criminals but I have to disappoint you, the search was for Bed bugs. (Am I serious? Yes, I am😁). Bed bugs were the sole object of the search.
The search started from the sitting room furniture where everything - cushions, headrests, throw pillows - was turned upside down and inside out in a frantic search for the bed bugs that had recently invaded their territory. Fortunately, their search was fruitful and yielded some bed bugs and their eggs carefully camouflaged within the crevices of the furniture. You really should have seen the look of joy and satisfaction that coloured their faces with each discovery!
As I watched the duo conduct their search, I almost couldn't believe they were looking for bed bugs and I wondered when bed bugs became treasures in our community. I only wished we could be so detailed and thorough in our search for genuine treasu…