~~~* NO ALIASES *~~~
Tell me I'm home...
The sparks I see in the sky
Mirror the ones I feel in my heart.
I wish I could comb
Through the feelings that run by
But they seem to have perfected their art

What's your name?
What makes you tick?
Maybe it's none of my business.
I really wish this were a game;
That you didn't come in the nick
Of time and cause this uneasiness.

I'm falling for you
Even though I see a veil...
Even if I willed, I couldn't pull it down.
It always takes two
Definitely more than a mail
To keep the heart from a frown.

What's your name?
This time no aliases.
I really wanna trust you-
Trust that this is no game.
I could have ignored your passes
But then how would I know your heart- it's exact hue?

© Nikoslexie 2017


Just sitting there with a thousand thoughts flowing through. I had to write; not just anything but something good. That was the most pressing of all thoughts.
My mind drifted back to a decade ago when it all started one afternoon with a simple conversation between two friends. One was a poet and the other was a lady who had read no poems except those mandated in the Junior Secondary School. They were both science students with seemingly no background in the Arts but their love for words bound them together like Romeo and Juliet. For her, it started with a desire to try something new and exciting. She did that and with all diligence too as she dated all her poems to monitor her progress.
Fast forward to year 2017...she still writes (maybe not as frequently as she would have loved) and has a few nice poems to her name. She still strives -strives to touch the sky she saw hanging so low just within her reach a decade ago. Remember, it all started with a desire. A desire to try something n…


Today, the chronicles will be written
Tonight, they will be unveiled
Tomorrow, our legacy will be echoed -
Loud in the hearts of the brave
For it takes courage to embrace history.

I was late -
Later than expected -
But I came anyway.
I shouldn't be denied
Because of my time of arrival.

I would do all they did
Dance, make merry and live
Like I didn't care
Because I was late.
Surely, there was no better excuse

I was late
But because I came anyway,
I should make it count.
I could be late; also be brave
For it takes courage to leave a true legacy.

Today,the chronicles will be written
Tonight, they will be unveiled
And tomorrow, our legacy will be echoed.
How loud will it ring?
How far will it carry?

© Nikoslexie 2017

Here's a step

I have frequently wondered why humans find it easy, most times, to take others for granted. It just seems like second nature to some folks. A lot of crap is hidden under the big umbrella of human rights and I am forced to wonder if there are really any boundaries to human rights. The law allows organizations to erect places of worship close to the road just as much as it allows individuals to build residential houses. Should we now say that because we have freedom of movement, we will leave our places of worship and conduct services on a portion of the road? When did half of the government road become the ideal place for our service(s)? What is to be the reaction of innocent passers-by that get stuck because you feel you have a certain degree of freedom? This is by no means an outburst against any religious body. If your friend allowed you to spend the night at his place once when you needed a place to crash, it does not necessarily mean you should keep going there unannounced. You w…


~I think I should write~ Maybe silence would do just fine because the words wouldn't just come. A numb sensation had gradually spread from my heart to the rest of the body. I had been cheated yet no one could avenge me. I had lost someone dear yet I had not been given the chance to grieve.
Who shall bury the dead? Is it the living who are so immobilized by grief? Or is it the ones so distant from the dead? The dead are dead and the living are only a step away from the grave yet the society wouldn't let them grieve. "Why let them grieve? ", we ask. There are elaborate burial plans to be made, will(s) to be read and executed, bills to be paid, deadlines to be met and appearances to be put up. In the midst of the frenzy, the dead wish to be truly buried: buried beneath the pavilion of legacies. The dead wish to live on in our hearts and still influence us to make the right decisions.
Who shall bury the dead? Let the dead bury their dead...and the living grieve for the d…


Why do we feel threatened by anything different? Why does the thought of embracing something or someone different from us scare us? Imagine someone who doesn't get a particular job because he's an albino. Seriously?! Yes, he's being denied an opportunity because he's different. I could give many more examples but I'll just stop here.
It's high time we learned to celebrate the differences that make us beautiful individuals and communities instead of opposing or making life miserable for everyone that isn't like us. Variety, they say, is the spice of life.
#let'schannelourdifferences #istandwitheveryone #sayNOtodiscrimination
I thought it was mine
I couldn't have been more wrong.
It had to be fine
For all to be carried along
Together we all had to dine
Even when he didn't belong

It was my place to tell
And tell, I would;
The cat I would bell
Just because I could.
His stay would be hell
And for our bonfire, he'd be the wood

He wouldn't fol…


Wow! It definitely feels good (no! Exciting is a better word) to be back from a long unanticipated break. I am sure some of you most have wondered if my blog had gone the way of many blogs and "died" or if I finally got something else to keep me occupied. I wish I could say you were right and give you a reward but I can't because I thought about writing almost every single day of the last one month and I missed my readers ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข (that's my way of apologizing to you ๐Ÿ˜please accept it ๐Ÿ˜„)

In the last one month, I have passed through some things I had never really given much thought to. I have had to ask myself why I had to be at the receiving end this time (if not me, then who?) I have been forced to see things from other perspectives I never knew existed and I am grateful for that. I have been reminded once again that it's hard to know what the other person is going through until you have the experience yourself. So let's be reminded when next we are tempted to…