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How much are you willing to give up for love? How far are you willing to go in the name of love? It's amazing how the demarcation between right and wrong seemingly evaporates when love is involved. Everything suddenly becomes grey: no black, no white! πŸ˜€
In the name of love, people have done so many things. Some have sacrificed precious items including their lives , others have started wars... All for love. The question still remains this: How far are you willing to go for love's sake?
Have a splendid Christmas and New Year.

How much more will I have to give
For love?
A drag to the left,
A pull to the right;
Torn in two
With pain my heart bleeds.
All for love…

Precious moments sown as seeds
Invaluable time I spend everyday
Simply giving,
Never seeking.
All for love…

For love,
All for love
Glistening tears I shed
A painful smile you see.
I hear as always
Light footfalls marking your leave.
Lonely once again
…for love.

When the town is asleep
And the night is with mi…


You lie not when you say I live
For I am dead -
Dead to all but you.
I do not haunt you
As I do the others
Because I live in you
And you carry me with you everywhere.

You wear me proudly
As a king wears his garment.
I adorn your neck
Like the jewelry of a queen.
You boast about my works to your folks
Yet you hang your head in shame like a child
When caught obeying my instruction.

You claim to be knowledgeable
Yet you are so ignorant
And blind at heart.
Blind to the fact that it is I who controls you
Despite your claims to be powerful.
I am the past you dwell in;
The evil that lies in your heart!

©Nikoslexie 2008


The frailty of humans is something that never ceases to amaze me. As humans, we are sometimes so busy or blinded by ambition; we do whatever it takes to get to the peak of our careers. Other times we just live as if we are immortal and death is only an old wives' tale.
One minute, man is alive; the next, he lies six feet beneath the earth buried without all the gold and fame he worked so hard to acquire during his lifetime. Let's remember we are only on earth for a while. Let's live right to leave a lasting impact behind when we are gone physically from this world.

Where is he who was born of a woman
Whose infant cry we heard so loud days ago?
Like a flower,
He blossomed
And at a set time,
He withered away
Without any trace of existence.
Now I ask,
“Where is he?”

Where is he who rises at dawn
And is drunk with wine?
It is he whose lips are filled
With the babblings of a fool.
It is he who lives as if immortality
Runs in his veins
But Where is he?

Where is he w…


With the ever rising rates of divorce, I think it’s only fitting we devote some time to talk about it no matter how short the time. I happen to have quite a number of acquaintances and friends who are products of dysfunctional homes. To be honest, I do not regret knowing them and I am proud of the people they have become (and are still becoming) against all odds. The ripple effects of dysfunctional families (and broken homes especially) on the children and society at large cannot be overemphasized. For me, knowing that all the negative effects can be avoided by marrying right or not marrying at all, mutual sacrifice and selflessness among other things makes the pain worse. Let’s think about the future of our children before taking some crucial decisions.
Life: so confusing
For none but me.
I can’t seem to understand it;
I’m just a child
Who wants to go back -
Back to the day before two houses.

All properties split,
On with life they go:
Mum to the South,
Dad to the N…


Last week was busy for me. I wish I could say I was busy saving lives or making the world a better place but sadly I can't. I was busy indulging myself; doing absolutely NOTHING! 😒 Not that I didn't have things to do but I simply lacked the willpower to do them. 😒😒Instead, I constantly procrastinated and now, this week, I will actually be busy because I have pushed all my work to this week forcing myself to narrowly make important deadlines when I could have done them easily before now. Well, I know I am not alone. πŸ˜„There are many people who procrastinate all the time but that doesn't make it a good thing so I won't comfort myself with the fact that I am not alone. Procrastination is indeed a thief of time and Time is something we don't have in abundance always. Let's use it wisely.

Light shines and dawn beckons,
The cocks crow;
All of creation awakens.
Sands roar
And time quietly rolls away...

Time: tool of the Creator,
Friend of seasons, for of men.


Have you ever been in a meeting or a class and the only thing you can think of is food? You are just sitting there nodding as if you are following what is being said when in reality, you are far away. When the moment of your disgrace comes, your stomach will let out a loud rumble😊 or you will be asked a question that you won't be able to answer for obvious reasons 😊😊😊

O wandering spirit of mine
Come back and be in line;
Let me cease to dwell in between
For I am neither here nor there.
Like an absent presence,
I sit, I smile, I gaze, I speak
Though I am far away…

He speaks; she squeaks
I cannot but see
The happiness that leaks
From all but me…
I can’t help my longing for a repast
As my belly rumbles fast
And my mind wanders still…

O wandering spirit of mine,
Come back and be in line
Let me cease to dwell in between
For I am neither here nor there.

©Nikoslexie 2012
Revised 2016


I almost cannot believe we are in December! If not for the calendars that corroborate that fact, I could argue convincingly that we are still somewhere in June or July on the calendar. Alas! We are 5 days already into the last month in 2016 and suffice to say that the atmosphere is rather dull.
As a child, I looked forward to December and even "saved" for it. I looked forward to the buying and throwing of "bangers" which began as soon as it was December 1. I remember how I spent hours  strategizing with other children about the best locations and whose turn it was to do the throwing. Christmas lights everywhere and brighter still, was the excitement we felt -that could never be quantified. Right now, I really need something or someone to remind me we are in the festive season. Be that as it may, I have chosen to cheer myself up and I hope you do the same. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Gory epistles woven into strands of time
Many marry the p…


The clouds cluster
And all I see are shades of grey
As intricate patterns of white
Dart across the sober sky.
Thunder claps of varying magnitude are heard,
The heavens darken
And threaten to collapse.
It’s another stormy night
And I am alone…again!

I sit by my window
As the clouds empty their contents
With such a fury
That makes me shudder.
I bask in the intensity of the noise
Given off by the thunderous rain
For it washes away the pin-drop silence
That echoes at the core of my abode.
I drink in the sight of destruction
Caused by the storm
And silently send heavenward a prayer
For ABENI, my best friend.

ABENI: the one who was imperfect in a perfect way,
Made the days enchanting.
She was the one with the Midas touch
And left me feeling golden.
To my ABENI,
Life was just another gift
Meant to be shared with anyone.
Its moments were to be marked
With laughter and fun.

Was it not her laughter
That rang out through the whole house,
Dispelling every form of loneliness?
Was it not her…


"Who is a medical doctor?" This is a question I have heard so many times (in different ways) yet I am not sure I ever have the right answer because I am not sure there is one correct answer.
Some say "a medical doctor is someone who treats you when you are sick". Others say "he's the guy in white who you queue for hours to see only to be given Vitamin C! "😁😁 Well, I could go on and on but I wouldn't, neither would I give you my own definition (it just might be biased *winks*). Just enjoy the poem below. Ciao!

Deep-gutted cries;
Shouts and yet more shouts
Wailings and mourning fill the air
Another soul passed on
Just like yesterday and the day before
Yet here was I, all calm
Heedless of the noise around.

Don’t question my personality,
Simply embrace my ability.
I am the one dressed in white
The one who wields the scalpel
That instrument of life or death;
Probing that which is hidden,
I am the one
Who seeks the shattered, the fractured and the fra…


Hi, friend! It's all about an important search today (and maybe this week). We are digging beneath the rubble to seek out the hidden pearl! So many times, we go from place to place seeking something  better but maybe this week, we could take time out to look within because that which we seek may just be here buried beneath a lot of rubble. I encourage you not to despise who you are today but to use it as a platform for becoming better.

Wandering, searching;
Ever looking for that lost piece
Buried beneath the rubble.

We who loathe the brown
Seek the green and lush far away.
Fleeing that old self,
Marching through the swampy present
In search of redemption

If only we could see,
That which we seek is near;
Redemption is here!
That which we seek is but within
Hidden amidst the ugliest of truths.
If only we could see...

P. S: I am sorry for missing the Friday post.


#nopreamble #freestylewriting #flowwiththemoment

I’ll tell you a story
A story of how black kissed white
And became red.
I’ll tell you the story
Of how he jumped off a cliff
And wasn’t harmed
If only you’d take my pain away
And tell me it’s just a dream.

I’ll tell you the story
Of how Titanic didn’t sink
And Jack and Rose lived happily after.
I’ll tell you a story
Of how I survived the tempest
With all my possessions intact
If only you’d tell me
Yesterday never happened.

I’ll sing you a thousand songs
Loud and clear without even a break,
I’ll sit with you for seven nights
Listening to you tell the same tales over and over
If only you’d stop reminding me
Of what I am
And not what I will be.

I’ll tell you a story so intriguing
You’d plead for it everyday
If only you could fill this void.
I’ll tell you a story
Of how I wrote your story
And you loved it
If only you’d realize
This is just a story!

©Nikoslexie 2016


Sometimes, things don't go as we plan. At such times, it feels like the 'universe' has conspired against us and the temptation to host a pity party is so strong but if we could look beyond the 'mishaps', we'll see that they happened for a reason hence, we should learn from them, make the best of them and move on! I encourage you to be a 'hopeless' optimist and prisoner of hope. The sun will shine again -and soon too!

Fierce is the fire That courses my heart's wire.  Bright is the light That shines through my night. I shall sing a song  Even if the night be long.  I shall make loud a melody Even if in Pain's custody.  I will rise Even if my body dies For fierce is the fire That courses my heart's wire. 
©Nikoslexie 2015


Yaay! It's another weekend. For some, it's Owambe time and for others, it's time to do all the outstanding chores from the week. Now, don't ask me which category I fall into cos your guess is as good as mine *dΓΆuble winks *
Well, for those that will be hitting the bars and clubs this weekend, here's something for you:


The stench so familiar yet so strange
So strange because it brought disjointed memories;
Memories of time spent in a world so far away
Yet as near as hours ago.
A world where bliss inexplicable is all I feel.
A place where I soar on Freedom’s wings;
Flying without caution and with none to restrain me.
The drunkard’s world-
A beautiful world it seemed till I realized
Only prisoners exist in this world
For we are all victims of the green bottle.

The green bottle,
A symbol of flattering deception
Bringing to light only masked reflections.
A corrupted mirror is what you truly are
For I see in you only that which I choose
And the ingestion…


When we die, we cease to feel – all the pain, disappointment, depression and fear becomes history. Why then do most mortals not welcome death and escape all the negative emotions? Why would humans give almost anything in exchange for immortality? Or is it somehow possible to be immortal and not feel pain, disappointment and all the sad stuff?
Death is an escape from the harsh realities of this world yet only a few would willingly embrace it. To wake up daily and live takes a great deal of courage. It simply means you are willing to take it all in stride and for that I salute you! I equally salute Generals who truly lived meaningful lives but had to retire at some point. Death is not the end; it’s only the beginning!

He came this time in shades of grey
Lurking behind all that was gay
At that same time of day
When all worries were kept at bay

It was a child this time
Whose mother had not a dime
A human far from his prime
Had been the unlikely target this time

Oh! Oh! Oh! …


What is True Justice? In layman's terms, I'd say acquitting the innocent and condemning the guilty. How does one determine who is guilty or innocent if not by relying on evidence(s) presented.
Let's picture a poor man who is innocent but has little or no evidence to prove it and can't even afford a good lawyer to represent him. We can guess his fate... He automatically becomes guilty! Are the scales of justice ever going to be balanced in our society? EQUILIBRIOCries fill the air:
Cries for justice,
Cries for revenge
At their loudest,
The lovely morning is tainted.“Quiet!” they say
To a man whose family’s been murdered
“Justice will be served.”Days spent,
Negotiations made,
Affluent criminals living in ‘imprisoned’ paradise.
What a twisted sense of justice!
One erudite lawyer
And criminals are acquitted!To the wronged
Who his pound of flesh takes,
Death is meted out.
Will there ever be a balance
Between wrong and right?The retired patriot,
Now haunted for ‘knowing too…


"...I believe in angels,something good in everything I see... " 

So many people have crossed our paths. Some are good, some bad and a few others are simply EXCEPTIONAL! I like to call them Angels and I hope I remain in their "good books". This poem is dedicated to all the Angels in my life πŸ˜€ -and in the lives of my readers of course!

ANGEL OF LIFE My angel, My messenger from above Sent to give me life and hope In my darkest moments, Sent to make me grateful Even for the little things I have, Sent to keep me from falling Into the problems of yesterday. Love like a fountain Is what you have shown me.
Angel of life, Your wings shield me From the heat of opposition And the flood of doubts. You remain my friend, My angel of life.
Angels were thought To be unreachable But you, my friend, Defy that belief And make my dreams come true.
Angel of life, Friend for life, I believe we’ll live forever someday, You and me, Beyond the skies In the city of angels.
©Nikoslexie 2007


What exactly is reality? Is it just the other side of illusions or is it whatever you choose to accept as True? The mad man on the streets views the well-dressed humans as mad and vice versa. Is something wrong just because it is different or is it just wrong because it's "wrong"? I wish I had the answers...

My mind is fogged with a cloud of doubts.
I doubt that the world we live in is real
For I tend to stray into other worlds
From time to time;
I doubt that the stars exist
For when I wake up at dawn,
They are no more;
I doubt that an angry man
Is any different from the raging sea
For they destroy anything
That stands in their way
And they are both bound
By the search for revenge;
I doubt that behind every dark cloud
Is a silver lining
As I have experienced
The worst of life’s dark clouds
Without any pleasant event to colour my life;
I doubt that the sun rises in the East
For to a layman,
The North is what lies ahead
And the East,
What lies on his right;
I doubt …


Sshh! Don't say I told you but a little bird whispered in my ears that beautiful things await you this week. Be patient and be inspired to do things right! πŸ˜€
There goes the priest
Whose cassock is cleaner than his thoughts;
His heart is filled with evil
Spiced with the confessions of many
He seeks to serve but only with his lipsHush!
Listen to the murmurings of his soul
They rage like the storms of the sea
In constant conflict
Like the tongue and the teeth.It’s a slow fade
A symphony of dusk and dawn;
Dim and bright
All blended in one quick stroke.It’s the vain priest once again
Ready to trade the future for the present:
Chasing chimeras
Till blurry his vision becomes.
There goes the priest,
There goes you!©Nikoslexie 2011


Hmm... I know something important about tomorrow - It's not today! #TGIF #FunAllTheWeekend #Lovers'Post


Sierra was her name…

Beauty and Sierra:
One and the same.

“Promise me tomorrow,” she would say
Ever forgetting
That I hold no tomorrow.

Day after day,
She pleaded;
Wanting that which isn’t mine-
Surety for the morrow.

A lying tongue
I would rather not develop
Simply to promise you tomorrow
For my mother always told me
“No one knows tomorrow.”

Whether alive I’d be
To see that day
When all my dreams would come true,
I know not
Yet you say to me
“Promise me tomorrow”

Oh! Sierra,
How I treasure every moment with you!
My heart longs for that day you’d be mine
But you threaten to wreak havoc
At my ingenuous heart
When you say to me
“Promise me tomorrow.”

I know not what tomorrow brings
For I am but human,
I sleep and I wake
Not simply because I will it.
I love you
Ever so dearly
But please understand
When I say I can’t promise you tomorrow.

©Nikoslexie 2011


It's a dream. No, it can't be true! I am struggling to believe that some moments ago we started Year 2016 and now, we're in the 11th month. Just when the year started to make sense, it wants to run away😒. Let me wish you Happy New Month regardless of how fast the year seems to have run by. I guess I should just accept the reality and make the best of the remaining days... You could join me tooπŸ˜„.
Below is a poem that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what's above. That's why it's #RandomWednesday. 😁😁😁

Grey: a blend of black and white
Grey: a color filled with shades and grades,
It aids my once-true maids
In their service to evil Hades.

Simply a mark of obscurity
Grey would not fade;
A sign of wisdom and maturity,
For black, the aged would not trade

It’s only a mirage;
Just a creation of an illusionist’s mind
For how shall one rest in the valley of indecision?
To be white, he chooses not
And to be black, he welcomes not

Overlapping streaks of …


Dear Friend, welcome to another brand new week. I do hope you are ready to make the best of it. Here's something to ponder on:

The night is upon us and we know not;
Evil is within us and we see not.
Cloaked in a garment of self-righteousness,
Hidden in the seams of lawlessness,
Captivity comes knocking on our doors
Bearing gifts of many colours

By actions we constantly judge
But if only we’d take a nudge
In the right direction
And see our lack of discretion
In matters of other folks,
We’d be great societal Oaks.

We are bound by our vices;
Corruption, mediocrity and all their spices
Concocted to give a feeling of independence.
Get rid of the decadence
 And watch our society experience a rebirth.
Watch us bid farewell to this prolonged dearth!

The night is upon us;
Darkness dances above us
But light shines ahead
Waiting for us to wed.
Let’s throw away the veil
And for the truth sail.
©Nikoslexie 2016


Hey, dear reader. I trust your week was cool. Well, here's something to help you relax. #TGIF #loversmoments


Could be the light so bright
Feeding me with lies
But your eyes are dancing in the twilight.

Staying out of sight,
I watch you in new guise;
Could be the light so bright

Setting your eyes alight.
I try to hide my surprise
But your eyes are dancing in the twilight.

I don’t know if I’m right
Or it’s just a disguise;
Could be the light so bright

Making my heart soar to that height
Where I’m tempted to socialize
Still, your eyes are dancing in the twilight.

Your allure I can no longer fight
Please, be my prize.
Could be the light so bright
But really, your eyes are dancing in the twilight.

©Nikoslexie 2011


There is a sun in the sky
And it’s not gonna die
Till I can fly
To meet it in the sky.There’s a place I belong:
Somewhere I can be wrong
And still sing my song
Without being treated as dungA black bird once told me
“You will never be
What you want to be
So don’t even bother to see”But I saw…
I saw beauty at my core,
I saw beyond my every flaw,
I saw the world look at me in awe.There’s a place I belong
Somewhere I can be wrong
And still sing my song
Trusting I won’t live in the wrongI’m gonna stay high
And I won’t sigh
‘Cause there’s a sun in my sky
And it’s not gonna die. ©Nikoslexie 2016


Good day friends. Just thought I'd drop something for the weekend. Enjoy!I’LL FOLLOW YOUA lone crow calling,
Toads croaking in vain,
The moon hardly shining,
The night darkened
With shadows of couples everywhere.
Where do you go when you’re lonely?I’ll follow you…When nature seems farther
And friends as foes seem,
To whom do you turn?
Where do you go
When the world turns upside down?
When the stars go blue,
Where do you go?I’ll follow you…When all you want is more
And all you get is barely enough,
Where do you go?
When to hear and be heard
Is all that matters to you
And all fate gives is a whisper,
To whom do you turn?
When crowded your world becomes
And all you desire is solitude,
Where do you go?I’ll follow you…If you know a place
Where I can be alone,
If you know a home
Where there’s all I need,
If there’s a world
Where no odd angels appear
And fate forever remains kind,
I’ll follow you.If you could take me by the hand
And lead me beneath the blue skies
To a place where the sea


Maybe he was truly a foe
The one who made me lose my toe
I wish I could bear his presence
As my mind struggled to grasp his essence
He was there; always constant!
His riding over my friends -so gallant
How could she call him "Friend"?
When I would give much to see his end
As long as he steered clear of the gallows,
Death lurked in the shadows.Why feel so much hate
For one who is never late?
Why feel so much hate
For one who stood at Mortality's Gate?
To her, he was a friend
Who brought her worries to a bend
To me, he was a foe
And I never stopped saying so... He would never be welcome
For he always made me numb
But in him lay proof of other things
So I could try being grateful for his stings.
Maybe he is truly a friend
The one who shouts "Your life didn't end! "PAIN: Friend or Foe,
I'll never know!©Nikoslexie 2016P. S: This poem is dedicated to all those who in their times of pain have found a reason or the other to be grateful and of course to those wh…


Hi friends! Welcome to a brand new week.  I really hope we were able to conquer our FEARS last week. Today, I will be sharing a poem (part of the #TomorrowSeries).  I hope it inspires you.  Be kind enough to leave a comment or two. Thank you πŸ˜€

A place where my dreams lie still…
A place where happiness lies unexplored
And sorrows unforetold…
A pregnant virgin
Bearing many a burden…

Shall we ever get there?
Shall today ever end?
Shall tomorrow ever be here
That our wounds it may tend?
Or shall we wait for years unending
For the harvest we crave?
Tomorrow, how unyielding!
If we refuse to be brave.

We must forget Tomorrow
And make Today our morrow.
We shall not be patient anymore
But shall take into our hands the law
And seize Today by the hand
Till it gives us our brand
And we birth our dreams.
Not tomorrow. Today!

©Nikoslexie 2016

FEAR Sequel

To make good on my promise from my last post, I will share this poem.
When the first sunrays Melt the eerie shadows of the past And the grand silence of the night Gives way to the hustling of the morning, I wonder what today would bring For one minute, We are all happy and victorious; The next, We are victims of the unknown.
Our plight, Borne out of the vanity of life, Is but a necessity. Curiousity becomes my drive For only a split moment Separates life from death. I muse and discover that Though we fly Above every sea of uncertainty In our happiest moments Yet in our darkest nights, We are overwhelmed with the fear of death.
Up and down our emotions go Like the tune of the piper. We forget that if we were to depart from here, We may or may not be remembered And surely, Life will go on.
I, for one, Will entertain no fear! I’ll ride on the waves of life’s storms And keep faith throughout every challenge For I know that If I were to die tomorrow, I’d have won one of life’s great…


Does fear really exist or is it a product of our imagination? How far apart are ‘fear’ and ‘caution’? Is there really any meeting point for both of them? These are the questions that preoccupied my mind this moment.
Let me tell you a short story that readily comes to mind in this matter and thereafter, we can answer the questions. Flashback to over a decade ago, when I went to a camp in Ilorin with a group of other children for a couple of days.  I must have been a pre-teen then, I can’t remember my age precisely now. We went with a female instructor for the program (Aunty Tosin as we called her) and of course, our parents had left all of us in their care. Surprisingly, we were all girls that went and the oldest wouldn’t have been more than 13 years. We were lodged in a room a bit distant from the main auditorium where the program was going on.
On the second night, most of us started feeling sleepy during the program (which was just like halfway through) so nice Aunty Tosin gave us t…


Today's post is a poem written by Yours truly about a week ago. Read and enjoy... Of course, a comment would be appreciated. Thank you.

Someday, all will be history
The things we know and even our misery
Someday, those who raised us
Will wonder if they ever knew us
We'll be invincible
Strangers to the word "impossible"
Then shall our worth be palpable.

This is not the end
I am only navigating a bend
This is not all of me
I am more than "we"
This is not my best
I will be better than the rest

Someday we'll sing and dance
And leave nothing to chance
We'll live out our dream
And forget tales so grim;
Once again with life brim

Someday I say
Maybe not today
But maybe today
We could sow for Someday

I shall leap,
We shall reap
If we plunge in the deep

Someday, you and I
Shall walk down Fame's aisle

Someday... Maybe today!

©Nikoslexie 2016

What a relief!

Hi! Top of the day to you. You're welcome to my blog. This is the platform where I'll be giving room to my thoughts to flow freely and permit me to say it's long overdue.
I am super excited πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜Š and almost can't wait to get started and that's why this is being put up at this "odd" hour (12:45am).
In case you are wondering what to expect from me on this platform, I'd simply say "keep your fingers crossed and your hopes high. You never know what I'll say! πŸ˜Š" That being said, LET'S ROLL...
P. S: your sincere comments are and will always be well appreciated. Do well to drop them. Thank you.