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The above was the notice hung in every corner of Shane and Darry's least in their minds. I wish the search were for criminals but I have to disappoint you, the search was for Bed bugs. (Am I serious? Yes, I am😁). Bed bugs were the sole object of the search.
The search started from the sitting room furniture where everything - cushions, headrests, throw pillows - was turned upside down and inside out in a frantic search for the bed bugs that had recently invaded their territory. Fortunately, their search was fruitful and yielded some bed bugs and their eggs carefully camouflaged within the crevices of the furniture. You really should have seen the look of joy and satisfaction that coloured their faces with each discovery!
As I watched the duo conduct their search, I almost couldn't believe they were looking for bed bugs and I wondered when bed bugs became treasures in our community. I only wished we could be so detailed and thorough in our search for genuine treasu…


~~~* NO ALIASES *~~~
Tell me I'm home...
The sparks I see in the sky
Mirror the ones I feel in my heart.
I wish I could comb
Through the feelings that run by
But they seem to have perfected their art

What's your name?
What makes you tick?
Maybe it's none of my business.
I really wish this were a game;
That you didn't come in the nick
Of time and cause this uneasiness.

I'm falling for you
Even though I see a veil...
Even if I willed, I couldn't pull it down.
It always takes two
Definitely more than a mail
To keep the heart from a frown.

What's your name?
This time no aliases.
I really wanna trust you-
Trust that this is no game.
I could have ignored your passes
But then how would I know your heart- it's exact hue?

© Nikoslexie 2017


Just sitting there with a thousand thoughts flowing through. I had to write; not just anything but something good. That was the most pressing of all thoughts.
My mind drifted back to a decade ago when it all started one afternoon with a simple conversation between two friends. One was a poet and the other was a lady who had read no poems except those mandated in the Junior Secondary School. They were both science students with seemingly no background in the Arts but their love for words bound them together like Romeo and Juliet. For her, it started with a desire to try something new and exciting. She did that and with all diligence too as she dated all her poems to monitor her progress.
Fast forward to year 2017...she still writes (maybe not as frequently as she would have loved) and has a few nice poems to her name. She still strives -strives to touch the sky she saw hanging so low just within her reach a decade ago. Remember, it all started with a desire. A desire to try something n…